Traveling as a lifestyle. No plans, little money and no date to finish.

How we travel? How much it costs?

Meet the Travelers!

Dri's Picture Adriana
  • Venezuelan
  • The designer
  • Back scenery look out
  • Social media runaway
  • Fish hybrid
  • Camera man 1
  • Low budget Producer
  • Ukulele aspirant
  • Professional dancer position: Pillion
Blue's Picture Blue
  • Japanese, born in Britain
  • Warrior disguised as Yamaha XJ6-S
  • Workhorse
  • Freelance model
  • The only one fit
  • Petrolholic
  • Celebrity not payed
  • Off-road aspirant
  • Road dancer
Fe's Picture Fernando
  • Brazilian
  • The editor
  • Built-in ultrasonic laugh finder
  • Speaks robots language
  • Blue's doctor
  • Camera men 2
  • Under-payed Director
  • Darbuka aspirant
  • Professional dancer position: Rider

Where have we been?

We were living in London when Blue joined the family in December 2013, she was brand new at the time. After 70.000 kilometers and some incredible trips later we realized that traveling for us meant much more than just a holiday thing.

  • July/August 2015 London to Istanbul
  • December/January 2015 London to the Sahara Desert
  • July/August 2016 Ireland + UK(Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England)
  • 9th July 2017 until Today Quit our jobs and started a new Lifestyle

You can find the full up-to-date map here

Gimme some numbers!

Many people think you must be rich to do what we are doing so we decided to make our personal finances public to prove it's not true!


32 different cultures visited

Current cost

$15.05 per day per person

Total Days

458 a new challenge every day


58,871 thanks blue blue!
* Failed to load latest statistics, the data above is from Friday, December 8, 2017
* statistics above are since 9th July 2017. Currencies are U$D (U.S Dollars)

Wanna see how much of that was spent on beer? Check out the in-detail breakdown and spreadsheet here